In 1992 the introduction and implementation of the US Standard for wood heating appliances was introduced, thanks to the enormous efforts of industry representatives. For more information and guidance on issues that may arise from the operation of home heaters, such as keeping particle pollution to a minimum.

Today Wright Way Plumbing and Heating are required to comply with the toughest standards in the world to ensure consumers are getting quality services that uses renewable energy is efficient and is not harming the environment. The current version of the US Standard for flue emissions allowable for wood heating appliances is 4grams of particulate matter per kilogram of wood burnt.

A wood burning heater bathes your room with a rich, soothing warmth that no other energy source can equal. The fire's radiance gives a welcome embrace as you come in from the cold. With its all-natural ingredients, a real wood fire is a hearty tonic for winter chill. When you warm your life with wood, you participate in a natural cycle and an ancient human ritual.

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